About Us


Eleux stems from "exclusive luxury." The combination of gemstones used in each piece of Eleux jewelry allows for self-expression, confidence, and individuality. Everyone's personalities and life stories are completely unique and can not be replicated. I believe that your story is best told with distinctive pieces of jewelry that are unique only to you.

Eleux jewelry is one-of-a-kind and features a wide variety of opaque and translucent gemstones in both faceted and cabochon styles. Each gemstone is hand selected for its unique characteristics and then surrounded with precious metals and complimentary gemstones to complete the design. Due to the unique nature of each gemstone, the same piece can not be re-created once sold.

Designs evolve over many months of careful thought, re-arranging, and sourcing the perfect gemstones. I personally supervise every step of the design and production process to ensure that the level of quality and attention to detail is achieved. 


I believe that jewelry instills a feeling of confidence and identity. My jewelry go-to is a statement earring. Earrings constantly draw attention to the face with the movement, color, and the weight and length. I think it's fascinating that an intricately detailed cabochon cut gem can be shaped so that each half is a perfect mirror image of the other. All of these aspects play a huge part in the wearer's confidence and overall look, and are the primary elements that Eleux focuses on with the design of each piece.

Growing up, my childhood consisted of picking up and collecting rocks anywhere I went. I expressed myself through various mediums of art: painting, sculpture, and beading: releasing my first collection of handmade beaded jewelry at the age of ten. By experiencing so many different forms of art at a young age, I learned early on that I loved working with my hands. 

Present day, my gem and mineral collection has grown from a humble group of modest stones collected from the neighborhood park, to an extensive array of unique specimens. Most recently, I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America as a certified Gemologist, CAD Technician, and Jewelry Designer.

Gemology and jewelry design are not solely professional endeavors, they are expressions of a passion dating back to my earliest memories. Jewelry design allows me to create wearable art that is expressive and can be passed on for generations.