Jewelry Care and Cleaning


Most of the gemstones used in Eleux jewelry are softer stones and therefore should not be placed in an ultrasonic or in any jewelry cleaner that contains chemicals. It's best to clean Eleux jewelry with warm water and dish soap. The only jewelry that can be placed in strong jewelry cleaners are pieces that feature only sapphires and diamonds.

Tips & Tricks

  • Remove jewelry before using cleaning chemicals, showering, and exercising
  • Items such as lotions, fragrances, etc., contain chemicals that could harm your jewelry. Be sure to put your jewelry on after use of these items.
  • Designate an old toothbrush as your jewelry cleaning tool and scrub in the difficult-to-reach areas when cleaning your jewelry with soap and water
  • Store Eleux jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch away from other materials that could cause the stones to scratch/break
  • Do not sleep in Eleux jewelry unless you have purchased a pair of studs with durable gemstones (sapphires,diamonds,quartz)


If you have any questions on jewelry care and cleaning, please don't hesitate to send me an email at I am happy to provide any additional information on the durability and how to take care of your piece.


The first step in the design process is a hand rendered sketch to bring your vision to life

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

We will then generate a CAD design on the computer to prepare for casting the ring into metal


the following step is stone setting and polishing


And your design is complete!